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Thomas a961abbe43
docker macht alles besser! 4 years ago
Fr3deric 82ffdf75e9 use ImageField in UserAvatarForm 4 years ago
Fr3deric 8855d0ec4a remove legacy api 4 years ago
Fr3deric 51f2163fe0 add TODO 4 years ago
Fr3deric 114665cf77 fix code style 4 years ago
Fr3deric be1056c4df fix duplicate i 4 years ago
Fr3deric da8353c912 make card number configurable for users 4 years ago
Fr3deric 0195ee8d30 add Account avatar field and upload view 4 years ago
Fr3deric 3b00fd0561 added debit limit to admin, use default when null 4 years ago
klonfish 0c012f6842 Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.blinkenbunt.org/cashonly/cashonly 4 years ago
klonfish df2cde2822 Added required get_user function to UsernameCardnumberPinBackend 4 years ago
Fr3deric 85c69a04f4 add requirements file 4 years ago
Fr3deric 132cc8ac5d added UsernameCardnumberPinBackend for auth 6 years ago
Fr3deric e68b8d45b4 fix: don't fail when logged in to web as a User who does not have an Account 6 years ago
Fr3deric 6feb3df353 big refactoring, most notably modularization 6 years ago
Fr3deric d3fc7a413a removed ldap code from account creation handler 6 years ago
Fr3deric 88d139350e python3 compatibility 6 years ago
Fr3deric e905896362 fixed typo 6 years ago
Fr3deric e1598090f7 pep8 6 years ago
nobody 20e3de0318 removed some obsolete files 6 years ago
nobody d7e67243f5 first steps in porting cashonly to Django 1.11 6 years ago
Niklas Brachmann 1be64c2547 Moved legacy API to own module 8 years ago
Niklas Brachmann cd3d306df8 Disabled manual creation of accounts 8 years ago
Niklas Brachmann 8eba2ce576 Renamed cash module to cashonly, as it should be 8 years ago
Niklas Brachmann 50b70026bb Removed unneded images 8 years ago
Niklas Brachmann 18eed52b91 Changed templates so that they do not longer import url from future (no longer needed, deprecated) 8 years ago
Frederic e0697b13fb added (empty) exclude parameter to AccountForm, in order to get rid of deprecation warning 8 years ago
Frederic 40984c6087 use _meta.fields instead of get_all_field_names(), for Django-1.7 comp. 8 years ago
Frederic 355e96db39 removed unnecessary import 8 years ago
Niklas Brachmann 135ab06f50 Incremented version number 9 years ago
Frederic 726f76b89f Merge branch 'master' of 13e7git:lugcash2 9 years ago
Frederic 580ef5e216 fix: don't crash when saving a product in the admin interface 9 years ago
Niklas Brachmann e52874f3a9 IMPORTANT FIX! Don't substract the total amount for every product when buying multiple products at once 9 years ago
Frederic cfe4766ad3 incremented version numnber 9 years ago
Frederic cbf4e6d084 improved german translation (esp. dashboard messages) 9 years ago
Frederic c53fcf10d8 added version number 9 years ago
Frederic 00b6e26343 Merge branch 'master' of 13e7git:lugcash2 9 years ago
Frederic ec9ce3e39d don't buy the product again in case the user reloads the 'buy_thanks' page 9 years ago
Niklas Brachmann 8b58d62b4e Merge branch 'master' of 13e7.de:lugcash2 9 years ago
Niklas Brachmann d9f22ca208 Confirm button now gets replaced by a dummy upn click preventing users from buying a product multiple times by clicking the button multipole times 9 years ago
Frederic 0c53face2e fix: use english label for 'credit' 9 years ago
Niklas Brachmann 019b3232b6 Added default value for daily digest 9 years ago
Niklas Brachmann 1be8333eb6 Credit change is now atomic 9 years ago
Niklas Brachmann d9971eb0f4 Corrected use of definition list for account information 9 years ago
Niklas Brachmann bffd2e0947 Added last 3 products and transactions in the last 12 hours to the overview page, resulting in a really nice dashboard 9 years ago
Frederic 10a74a28f9 product thumbnail height should now mostly be of equal height 9 years ago
Niklas Brachmann 667bcb7cea Merged 9 years ago
Niklas Brachmann 59f30ee34e Moved product and transactions lists so they can be included 9 years ago
Frederic 5c1501c52a removed 'product details' button 9 years ago
Frederic 0f6197d55d added missing i18n 9 years ago