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Emacs Configuration

This is an attempt to learn about Emacs and its ecosystem by creating a custom configuration from scratch.


  1. clone this repository to ~/.emacs.d
  2. call ~/.emacs.d/install-packages.el
  3. start Emacs, press M-x and execute the all-the-icons-install-fonts command


  • (semi-)automatically install missing packages (e.g. with use-package?)
  • improve completion/navigation when chosing files
  • find a buffer switcher
  • hilight trailing whitespace
  • configure custom (?) menus (with leader key) for things:
    • toggle features (fci, whitespace-mode, ...)
    • make C-x (and others) accessible via SPC x
    • make buffer switching more accessible, e.g. <leader> b b
  • disable welcome buffer (or put something funny there)
  • themed right-click menus
  • update diff-hl after committing things with magit
  • enable which-key completions and ido in dired-mode
  • hilight TODO/NOTE/... keywords in code